Jobs from growth of hemp: Greens


A Greens Bill to allow for the cultivation of Industrial Hemp has passed the State Parliament’s Upper House with the support of the State Government and the Opposition, last night.


 “Benefitting farmers, the economy, as well as the environment and sustainability, this Bill is set to pave the way for ‘jobs from growth’ in the hemp industry according to Greens’ MLC Tammy Franks. 

“I am thrilled this Bill has passed unanimously through the Upper House and with that support, will see its way through the lower house and begin creating ‘jobs and growth' – literally.

“Industrial hemp will offer job opportunities, growth for our state and pave the way for a greener, cleaner future.

“So far, SA is the only state where industrial hemp has not yet been legalised, so it’s about time we caught up with the rest of the country in acknowledging this product, which can be used to make clothes, building materials and cosmetic products, as better for the environment than crops like cotton.

“I am very proud to have introduced this Bill and to be supporting the growth of one of the oldest crops in history which will have a hugely positive impact on the future. The production of biofuels, blankets, ink, cardboard, biochemical, carpet, towels, insulation and Hempcrete (fire retardant bricks), industrial hemp is set to be building blocks for a sustainable future,” Ms. Franks concluded.

The Bill, which was first introduced on November 30th, 2016, and seeks to authorise and regulate the cultivation of industrial hemp, as an alternative crop for South Australian farmers that will see us producing food, fibre, fuel and manufacturing components.

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