Greens Strongly Welcome Community Dialysis Funding Announcement

The Greens Aboriginal Affairs spokesperson Tammy Franks MLC has today welcomed the Federal Government’s announcement of more than $15 million in funding for Purple House, an Alice Springs-based dialysis treatment centre to run community dialysis on the APY lands.

“We welcome this announcement and much-needed injection of funds which will allow Purple House to further expand their services to benefit communities east of the Sturt Highway in central and South Australia, including at Pukatja (Ernabella).

“This will enable Anangu to stay in community and will ensure families need not leave the lands when a family member needs dialysis – and the impact of this both on communities and in terms of cost-effectiveness will be profound.

“We know that Aboriginal people are 20 times more likely to suffer from chronic kidney disease than the population at large. And, to this nation’s shame, we know that Aboriginal life expectancy is 10-17 years lower.

“Funding means these services can be extended so that more people living in remote communities can stay at home, rather than having to travel many hours to larger centres to receive treatment or relocate entirely with all the knock on impacts of disconnection and isolation.

“The Greens commend and have long-supported the outstanding work of Purple House. I had the privilege of visiting their centre in Alice Springs just last month to see first-hand the power of their community-focused approach and learn more about their life changing work.

“Community-based dialysis is not only feasible, it is essential for people living with kidney disease.

“I also commend the work that groups like Purple House do in educating the community in seeking to slow the spread of kidney disease in Anangu communities.”

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