The Greens have dubbed the state Opposition proposal to ‘force’ in law all South Australian Councils to celebrate Australia Day and perform citizenship ceremonies on January 26th as "jingoistic dog whistling in jackboots". 

Greens spokesperson, Tammy Franks MLC stated: "What a bizarre reaction to some Australians pointing out the bleeding obvious, that January 26 is not a day they choose to celebrate.

“January 26 is the day that a Union Jack flag was planted at Port Jackson Cove that became the colony of NSW. Well before the word or concept of ‘Australia’ was envisaged. It’s been known as a day of mourning since the 1930s, well before it became a nation-wide public holiday in 1994. Australia day, invasion day, Survival Day or Day of Mourning, the debate isn’t going to go away because the Liberals create a new law to enforce observing it. What next? Compulsory wearing of state-issued cork trimmed hats?

"I thought Australia was a nation that embraced diversity and dissent not mandated conformity?

"The Greens will vote against any attempt to mandate compliance of councils to perform citizenship ceremonies on any day; local communities should be left to operate the way that best reflects their needs and desires.

“The idea of forcing a phony national observance across the councils of an entire state, willing or not, is an extreme over reaction to some quite reasonable debate. 

“Councils have also been holding Survival Day events for years, I know because I've attended them and I've been there with hundreds of other Australians. Will the Libs shut us down in coming years?” she concluded.

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