Greens Challenge Minister to Meet with Families on Medical Cannabis Reform

Greens health spokesperson Tammy Franks MLC is challenging Health Minister Jack Snelling to meet with the families of South Australians seeking medical cannabis reform.

“I urge the Minister to meet with the families and act to stand up for South Australians in the same way that Premier Andrews, Premier Baird and Premier Palaszczuk have done,” Ms Franks said.

“I held a roundtable on May 1 this year that heard from some of these families and legal experts - and an invitation was extended to the Minister to attend at the time. However, the Minister now indicates that he would prefer a personal invitation to meet with the families, so I am happy to facilitate this.

“I wrote to Minister Snelling on June 16 about the very serious situation facing one family in particular, the Fulton family from Victor Harbor, who are currently living across two continents so that two of their girls can receive legal medical cannabis treatment for a rare degenerative lung disease.

“Their family is separated by an ocean because the Minister refuses to take action on medical cannabis reform or exercise any discretion for people who are suffering needlessly.

“The Minister’s response to my letter, dated July 16, offered no solutions.

“The Minister has known about this case for at least three months, yet he claimed no knowledge of it on radio this morning.

“It is surprising that the Minister does not remember this story. This is not a run of the mill story. We are talking about two girls who have become medical refugees as a result of the State Government’s failure to act on medical cannabis reform.

“The Minister should fess up to South Australians and admit that he got it wrong by not following the lead of premiers interstate and the Federal Parliament.

“Come on Minister, if you’re serious about medical cannabis reform why aren’t you meeting with the families? Why aren’t you meeting with sick, suffering South Australians and hearing their stories?

“My office is happy to assist in facilitating these meetings by contacting the Minister’s office with a range of times for some of these families and individuals to meet with the Minister. I will be informing the Parliament of his response when this matter is debated next week,” she concluded.

Ms Franks will bring her motion calling for the Government to act on medical cannabis reform to a vote in the Upper House next Wednesday (November 28).

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