Greens call to Get Growing on Medical Cannabis

WHAT: Press Conference Medical Cannabis

WHEN: Today (Wednesday 18th of May 2016)

TIME: 12:00pm

WHERE: Parliament House Steps (North Terrace) 

Greens MLC Tammy Franks will today stand with farmers who are ready, willing and able to grow medical cannabis crops in the state's south east and a family in desperate need of continuing their successful medication on medical cannabis to save their young girls lives in support of a motion to be introduced to Parliament today to call on the Weatherill Government to take action on medical cannabis in SA from the farm to the pharmacy to the patient.

Background on Fulton family: Sisters Georgia-Grace, nearly eight, and Tabetha Fulton, 12, suffer from a rare degenerative lung disease. In July 2015, their family relocated to Canada, where the girls had legal access to medical cannabis treatment.

Famers Garry Davies and David Dempsey believe that cultivation of medical cannabis will be a major jobs boost in the South East.


Bobby Fulton on 0407 131 181

Tammy Franks on 0457 549 938

Garry Davies on 0428 375 475

David Dempsey on 0403 381 968

The Federal Narcotic Drugs Amendment Bill 2016 enables a national licensing scheme for the controlled cultivation across Australia of cannabis for medical and scientific purposes. The Access to Medical Cannabis Bill 2015 passed Victorian Parliament establishing an Office of Medicinal Cannabis and giving patients access to legal, safe and secure access to medical cannabis. Premiers of New South Wales, Queensland are acting in the interests of people who are suffering needlessly, the WA Health Minister is examining options that could potentially link their state in with national trials.  

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