The Greens have today come out in support of the challenge from AnglicareSA and Uniting Communities for a new approach in SA to resolve the child protection crisis.


Greens MLC Tammy Franks said: “AnglicareSA and Uniting Communities are right in saying the South Australian child protection system is broken and the Parliament must show leadership to fix it with a new approach.

“Instead of putting our heads in the sand, we must recognise this really is a crisis. According to these major social service organisations, South Australia’s rate of children entering care is double the national average, while the number of number of children in out of home care has increased by 98% in the past decade.

“This is totally unacceptable and unsustainable; we must act now.

“For a start, the Greens want to see a standing committee on child protection established in the new Parliament. Child protection is everybody’s business: it’s cross party business and should be made permanent parliamentary business through the committee system. This is one way the South Australian Parliament can show leadership and make action on child protection a top priority.

“Beyond that, we need a commitment from all parties to a major investment in intensive support and preventative services, reducing this growing burden on the Department for Child Protection and ultimately leading to better outcomes for children and families.

“The Greens are making this commitment and welcome all parties contesting this state election to make this pledge.”

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