The SA Greens today called on the Marshall Government to make a firm commitment to enforce the law when it comes to the cruelty of the live export trade.

Greens Animal Welfare Spokesperson Tammy Franks MLC said that such an assurance was essential following the 60 Minutes exposé detailing the shocking deaths of 2800 sheep on the Awassi Express that departed from Perth and included livestock from South Australia.

“The 60 Minutes report exposed horrific cruelty to these animals, but this is not an isolated incident and it is not confined to Western Australia. This is why we need a firm commitment from the Marshall Government here in South Australia that they will uphold the law when it comes to this kind of abuse.

“While the Greens want an end to live exports once and for all, there are also state animal protection laws that have been broken in this situation and the authorities in WA are investigating.

“It is imperative for Premier Marshall and Minister Whetstone to send a strong message to those exporters who think they are above the law: making it clear that breaching such laws in South Australia will lead to prosecutions and harsh consequences.

“There must be proper deterrence to stop the suffering of South Australian livestock and the SA Government must protect SA animals against cruelty.

“How many times do we need to be angered by this blatant cruelty to animals before we start to turn our outrage into action?” she concluded


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