The Greens have challenged all parties contesting next month’s South Australian election to commit to Industrial Manslaughter legislation, following a recent workplace death at the construction site of a new power farm near Port Augusta.

“This tragedy is a terrible reminder that the current workplace safety laws in South Australia just aren’t up to scratch,” said Greens Industrial Relations spokesperson, Tammy Franks MLC.

“This death was completely avoidable. We know the union warned just two weeks before this accident that someone could die, and yet nothing was done about it. The only way to ensure workplaces take proper action to prevent this kind of tragedy is to have robust laws that criminalise such employer negligence, including substantial deterrence measures.

“Last year, Queensland announced legislative protections deterring negligent employers through harsh penalties of up to 20 years imprisonment for individuals and $10 million fines for corporate offenders. South Australians deserve the same sort of protections.

“I call on all parties contesting the upcoming state election to commit to the same kind of laws here in South Australia, to put an end to this kind of workplace tragedy.”

The Greens have twice introduced Industrial Manslaughter bills into the South Australian parliament and Ms. Franks has vowed to continue to campaign for this new law throughout the upcoming state election and into the new parliament.

“Last month, Labor committed to Industrial Manslaughter laws that are at least as strong as the Queensland model. The Greens will be there holding them to this promise after the election. But where are the other parties on this? Will Nick Xenophon and the Liberal Party make a stand against workplace deaths by also committing to passing this legislation?”

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