The Greens have called for greater job security for South Australian scientists in the interests of both workers and patients in this state, following a meeting with representatives for those in the sector.

Greens SA Employment Spokesperson, Tammy Franks MLC and her Federal Greens colleague, Adam Bandt MP, heard first-hand about the high rate of temporary contracts and increased rates of overtime for skilled science workers employed through SA Pathology.

“We need good jobs in this state, we need good science jobs in this state and the Greens will stand up against the use of temporary contracts in this workforce and chronic underfunding,” Ms Franks said.

Director of Professionals Australia, Sarah Andrews welcomes the Greens’ support for job security.

“This is unsafe not only for the workers, but also by putting at risk the quality of the service that they can provide to South Australia,” Ms Andrews said. “Our members welcome the support they’ve heard today from the Greens and look forward to working together on this into the future.”

Adam Bandt, who is the Federal Greens Spokesperson for both Employment and Science, agrees the situation requires urgent action.

“This is having an effect on people’s ability to get a house, to start a family, and it’s one of the worst situations I’ve seen after looking at this across the country over many years,” Mr Bandt said.

“I really hope we can help change the presumption that short-term rolling contracts save employers a buck, because at the end of the day it’s actually a false economy. You don’t save it, everyone has to work the overtime to make up for it.”

Ms Franks concluded by saying: “We want better science jobs in this state, so when you go to the doctor you get those quotes in good time, to keep you out of hospital. That’s why a vote for the Greens at this state election is a vote for good jobs and better health outcomes.”


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