Following yet another shocking televised exposé about live animal export last night, Greens Animal Welfare Spokesperson Tammy Franks MLC again says it’s time to turn our outrage into action.

“Time and time again, this industry has shown itself to be too cruel to countenance,” Ms Franks said.

“Live export exports jobs. It’s little wonder the Australian Meat Industry Employees Union (AMIEU) has opposed the live export trade for years because of the role it plays in the closure of abattoirs and consequent loss of jobs throughout Australia.”

“In fact, AMIEU figures highlight around 150 meat processing plants have shut down due to the live export trade – taking with them up to 40 000 jobs over the past two decades.

“Live exports are the death knell for Aussie meat–processing jobs, with flow-on impacts from individual job losses carrying through to local business, impacting the long-term viability of entire communities.

“By ending live export, we can create jobs in the chilled meat industry here in South Australia, which offers a win-win outcome for both animal welfare and local communities. The full potential of Australia's livestock industry will only be realised when we stop the cruel and inhumane live export trade and look to create Aussie jobs by value-adding to the raw product and marketing chilled, disease-free meat to countries where we currently export live animals.

With news of yet another dodgy live export ship scheduled to take 65,000 sheep to the Middle East failing to pass safety standards linked to 2,400 sheep deaths during a voyage to the Middle East last August, Ms Franks says enough is enough

“How many times do we need to be angered by this blatant cruelty to animals before we start to turn our outrage into action? By keeping the jobs and the animals close to home, we can provide jobs for Australians and end the needless cruelty to animals,” she said.

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