The Greens are calling for an independent committee to monitor any spending on government advertising exceeding half a million dollars, following the latest media campaign from the Weatherill Government. Currently the Premier’s Communications Advisory Group Committee vets these campaigns.

Greens MLC, Tammy Franks stated: "The Government should not be able to use public money for political advertising.”

“It should not be up to the Premier’s own committee to approve his advertising. There should be independence in such an arrangement.

“If it would not pass the pub test, it should not appear in the paper as a paid advertisement. If it would not pass the pub test, it should not make it onto our television screens. This is why we need a truly independent body, with the power to veto clearly partisan advertising.

“The Greens welcome the recent intervention of the Opposition, but we must make sure they don’t lose their appetite for reform should they find themselves in government after March 17. Regardless of which party is in power, they must be held to account and that is what the Greens will do. 

“For this reason, I am calling for an independent committee to be established now, to hold the Government of the day to account,” she concluded.

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