Greens MLC Tammy Franks has renewed calls for a medicinal cannabis amnesty in support of Jenny Hallam, whose cannabis oil was seized when her home was raided by SAPOL earlier this year and faces the Adelaide Magistrates Court this morning.

“It is now time that Premier Weatherill stepped in to announce a compassionate amnesty for medicinal cannabis and resolve this bizarre situation,” Ms Franks said.

“This morning, Jenny Hallam is again before the courts, facing serious criminal allegation for responding to requests for help with cannabis oil from some 200 sick people over a two year period. In this time, however, Ms Hallam has neither cultivated any cannabis nor taken any money for the oil.

“Meanwhile, watching the federal schemes roll out at such a glacial pace is heartbreaking for families and patients with no meaningful access to a legal source. This should be a call to action for the State Government.

“While the cost of the legal product remains prohibitive, they will continue to be forced underground, seeking out a cheaper black market option, effectively turning people into criminals. Sick people should not be made into criminals by a broken system.

“The federal scheme is failing; the state government can offer a short term fix and should step in and offer an amnesty until we truly have a system that serves the sick,” she concluded.

Ms Franks is starting an online petition via, urgently calling on the Weatherill Government to announce a compassionate amnesty for medical cannabis.

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