The Greens have strongly backed the announcement from the Weatherill Government to hold a Royal Commission into the Murray Darling Basin Plan.

Greens MLC Tammy Franks stated: “The explosive Four Corners investigation into the rorting of the Murray Darling Basin Plan showed the rest of the nation what we in South Australia have been saying for too many years,” Ms Franks said. “A Royal Commission will expose those who are responsible for this scandal and hold them to account.

“We wanted a federal Royal Commission, and the latest Senate inquiry in even refusing to hear from the SA Water Minister has already shown up as a sham. Therefore, in the absence of leadership from the Turnbull Government, a state Royal Commission is necessary.

“The basin plan was always an exercise in compromise and something that the Greens are committed to; but while we continue to see other states blatantly try to rort the system and avoid their responsibilities to people and the environment, it is difficult to see it delivering the full benefits promised to those of us downstream.

“This scandal has trashed the trust between the states, and that is why a South Australian Royal Commission is now necessary, and something that the Greens support one hundred percent,” she concluded.

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