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May 7 2014

The Hon. R.L. BROKENSHIRE ( 16:24 :09 ): With the leave of the council I move:

1.That a select committee of the Legislative Council be established into statutory child protection and care in South Australia, including a review of Families SA management of foster care with particular reference to—

(a)how foster carers are recruited, managed and supported; and

(b)the provision of information and support to foster parents regarding the history and needs of a foster child; and

(c)any other relevant matters.

2.That standing order 389 be so far suspended as to enable the chairperson of the committee to have a deliberative vote only.

3.That this council permits the select committee to authorise the disclosure or publication, as it sees fit, of any evidence or documents presented to the committee prior to such evidence being presented to the council.

4.That standing order 396 be suspended to enable strangers to be admitted when the select committee is examining witnesses unless the committee otherwise resolves, but they shall be excluded when the committee is deliberating.



Adjourned debate on motion of Hon. R.L. Brokenshire:

(continued from May 7, 2014)

 The Hon. T.A. FRANKS (19:49): I rise briefly on behalf of the Greens to indicate that we will support  this motion to set up this select committee. Certainly foster carers play an incredibly valuable role in  our society, a role that is often tough enough without systematic dysfunctional processes around  them. So, if we can expose that and see better ways to support foster carers and the children they  care for in this state, we certainly think it is worthy of support.

 I note that, although we have heard a lot of words from our two Labor members tonight about how  much they have done for child protection, I would hardly think that anyone could ever argue that we have done everything we can for child protection, and there is always further to go. I note that the  commissioner for children and young people, as put forward in a bill by the Hon. Stephen Wade, the  shadow Attorney-General, this evening is yet another step forward in that process. With those few
words, I commend the motion.

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