Conservative Cabal Running SA Labor – Weatherill Must Show Leadership


The defeat of the Births, Deaths and Marriages (Gender Identity) Bill in state parliament last night is a blow to LGBTI South Australians and all those who support equality, say the SA Greens. 

“This Bill would have a life changing impact for people in the transgender community, ending the practice of forced divorce when one partner transitions. Expecting people to choose between the person that they love and the person that they are, is a choice no one should have to make,” said Greens MLC Tammy Franks.

“At the moment the Sexual Reassignment Act is broken and it needs to be fixed. The Bill that failed in the Lower House yesterday was that fix, and was the product of significant public consultation and debate over many years.”

“Many South Australians will be scratching their heads this morning, wondering how this reform has been scuttled in this way.”

“Politics is about turning up. Yesterday in the House eight of the 47 MPs failed to turn up. That may well have change the outcome of this vote. It’s just further evidence of the Conservative Cabal running SA Labor and while Jay’s away they have played.

 “It appears the right wing forces in the Labor Party conspired to defeat this Bill while the Premier was away. They saw an opportunity and took it, but I doubt the numbers on the floor are a true reflection of the position of the Parliament.”

 “The Weatherill Government has pledged to remove discrimination against LGBTI South Australians and this reform is integral to that. The Premier must show some leadership here and ensure that this Bill is progressed through the parliament. The rights of the LGBTI community shouldn’t be jeopardised by factional power-plays,” Ms Franks said.

The Bill was defeated: 19 votes for to 19 against, with the Speaker exercising his casting vote to defeat it. The Bill was a conscience vote for the Labor and Liberal parties and 8 MPs were not present.

The house divided on the second reading:

While the division bells were ringing:

Ms Chapman interjecting:

The SPEAKER: The deputy leader will not disrupt the division.





Bedford, F.E.

Bettison, Z.L.

Bignell, L.W.K.

Caica, P.

Chapman, V.A.

Close, S.E.

Cook, N.F.

Digance, A.F.C.

Gardner, J.A.W.

Gee, J.P.

Hildyard, K. (teller)

Hughes, E.J.

Key, S.W.

Marshall, S.S.

Odenwalder, L.K.

Picton, C.J.

Rankine, J.M.

Redmond, I.M.

Wortley, D.




Brock, G.G.

Duluk, S.

Goldsworthy, R.M.

Griffiths, S.P.

Kenyon, T.R.

Knoll, S.K.

Koutsantonis, A.

Mullighan, S.C.

Pederick, A.S.

Pengilly, M.R.

Piccolo, A.

Rau, J.R.

Snelling, J.J.

Tarzia, V.A.

Treloar, P.A. (teller)

van Holst Pellekaan, D.C.

Whetstone, T.J.

Williams, M.R.

Wingard, C.


The SPEAKER: There being 19 ayes and 19 noes, I give my casting vote with the noes. Second reading thus negatived.

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