Common Sense Comes to North Terrace as SA Finally Cuts the 'Culture Cops'

Common sense has prevailed today, with the passage of the Government’s Liquor Licensing (Entertainment on Licensed Premises) Amendment Bill, Greens’ Arts spokesperson Tammy Franks MLC says.

The Bill does away with individual entertainment consent requirements for licensed premises wishing to provide entertainment between 11am and midnight. Noise restrictions continue to exist under the Act as they presently do.

“Common sense on cutting the ‘culture cops’ came to North Terrace today just in time for Christmas, so this summer South Australians will be able to have a bevy and enjoy a band without venues having to untangle red tape requirements that currently restrict live music,” Ms Franks said.

“The ‘culture cops’ have long wasted precious police time monitoring licensed venues; it’s an incredible waste of public resources, so we’re glad that this reform has been voted through today.

“Laws that regulate creative people yet exempt screens and machines in community spaces have no place in a creative culture. That is why The Greens have had similar legislation in the Parliament several times since September 2012. We welcome the old parties belated support on what has been a handbrake on the SA music industry to date.

“Rules that a city pub could have four performers not five or that bands could play rock but not grunge were ridiculous and SA is well rid of them,” Ms Franks concluded.

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