Hundreds of thousands of pigs in Australia are confined to sow stalls: tiny barren crates that are so small that they cannot turn.
Thankfully the industry has listened to the community and Australian Pork Limited has signalled it intends to phase out sow stalls by 2017.

However, this is a voluntary phase out – and it’s important to make sure that no pigs are left behind and subjected to these cruel practices for a second longer than is necessary.

That’s why the Greens have introduced legislation to ban the use of sow stalls and gestation crates, in line with the voluntary industry phase out.

Many farmers are already embracing more humane farming practices and the Greens Bill will ensure that pigs are kept in enclosures that allow them to turn around and stand up comfortably, access outdoor areas and interact with one another.
It’s time for South Australia to follow the lead of the United Kingdom and Sweden in fully banning sow stalls.

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