Aboriginal Veterans Commemorative Service


The Hon. T.A. FRANKS (18:08): I rise to very briefly associate myself with remarks and commend the mover for bringing this motion before this place. Indeed, on behalf of the Greens in this council, I commend Reconciliation SA and Aboriginal Veterans of SA on the ANZAC Day service at the Aboriginal War Memorial, and I certainly recognise that their sacrifice often did not result in treatment equal to their non-Aboriginal brothers and sisters in arms.

In one of my first speeches in this place, I acknowledged the contribution of Aboriginal service people to our nation. In fact, they have, as has been mentioned, been involved in campaigns since the Boer War to the present day. I remember learning at Camp Coorong that some of those who fought in the Boer War not only sacrificed for this country but of course, to add insult, were not allowed back into this country, their country, their nation. Our First Nations people were not recognised as citizens and were denied entry back into the very place they had fought for.

There is much unfinished business when it comes to reconciliation in this nation. I think the need for that is stoically drawn when you look at the way we have treated our Aboriginal service men and women. With those few words, the Greens commend the motion.


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