'Tadhg's Law' Finally Passes Lower House

A Bill allowing female same-sex co-parents to both be recognised on their child’s birth certificate has passed the Lower House at last after the Bill was given Government time to conclude the debate yesterday. The Bill passed last night, with both the Government and the Opposition allowing their members a conscience vote. Greens MLC Tammy Franks’ Bill, colloquially known as ‘Tadhg’s Law’, was co-sponsored by Liberal MP David Pisoni in the Lower House, and overcomes a three year ‘cohabitation rule’ that only existed in South Australia.

“The passage of this Bill has been a long time coming for children like Tadhg, who celebrated his first birthday without a birth certificate because Births, Deaths and Marriages demanded that his mothers prove they had lived together for three years before his conception,” Ms Franks said.

“I thank the Premier for finally giving this Bill Government time at last to ensure its passage after it languished on the notice paper for many months last year.

“This Bill overcomes a very difficult situation where, federally these couples are recognised as ‘de facto’, but because of this discriminatory three year cohabitation rule, both co-parents were not able to be listed on their child’s birth certificate here in South Australia.

“These families and these children deserved better – and at last children like Tadhg will have their birth certificates and have certainty," she concluded.

The Family Relationships (Parentage Presumptions) Amendment Bill passed the Upper House in June last year and expands on an earlier Greens Bill passed in 2011 that enables female co-parents to be recognised on the birth certificate of their child where a sperm donor and artificial insemination process has been consciously involved in the conception of that child.

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